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Download Font Awesome – Using the Website (2022)

in Tips and Tricks on 01/10/2022

Font Awesome is a library of beautiful fonts in the form of symbols commonly used in websites, you can download font awesome to use in website layouts, both beautifying the website and having the effect of user navigation. Font Awesome provides fonts divided into many formats, highly compatible with most computer operating systems.

Download font awesome

About Font Awesome

Font Awesome includes different font file formats such as otf, eot, ttf, woff, svg files, … each icon is designed based on usage guidelines and standards for websites, helping users create create a consistent and good looking interface for you. Font Awesome has grown to over 5,000 icons and continues to add common essentials for web designers, including styling support to help you size, position, style, and even animate image for any icon.

Download font awesome

Font Awesome refers to one of the icon sets designed as Symbol Font, these icons are designed in vector format so it can be displayed sharp no matter how big you are. Font Awesome also allows users to create animated icons by combining with CSS3, it works on most operating system versions as well as modern browsers. Font Awesome also combines quite well with Bootstrap to build CSS, more perfect website design.

Feature Font Awesome

  • Symbol font set for web.
  • Many font formats.
  • Icon set is designed as Symbol Font.
  • Create animated icons by combining with CSS3.
  • Works on many modern operating systems and browsers.

How to Download Font Awesome?

Go to link: Font Awesome (All Versions)

Download font awesome

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