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Font for UI design on iOS, MacOS

SF Thonburi is a combination of English letters, numbers and symbols of SF Pro fonts mixed with Thai characters of Thonburi fonts.

Why do you have to do this?
The current iOS system font (Default System Font) will be the SF Pro font and the Thai language will be the Thonburi font. Leading apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will use System Font when displaying content. Thai mixed with English The system will extract SF Pro fonts before and pull Thonburi fonts to fill in for characters that SF Pro doesn’t have (such as Thai characters), thus showing results as SF Pro fonts mixed with Thonburi.

In addition to the leading apps When we make a website, if we want to use the fonts of the iOS system, it works the same way.

The problem is that the program for designing UI like Figma or even Photoshop, Illustrator when working, we can’t determine if the font that we choose doesn’t have all the fonts to fallback to which font makes it inconvenient to work. And can’t do realistic UI Mockup whether we are designing web or app.

Sketch and Adobe XD. If we set the font to SF Pro, if we use it on MacOS, the system will fallback to Font Thonburi, but if we use Figma or Adobe XD on Windows, it won’t be able to.

LINE MAN Wongnai therefore created the SF Thonburi font for UI design.

Advantages of using system fonts or System
Fonts System fonts are fonts that users are familiar with. It is a font with a head (Loop) that is easy to read. Many teams or companies may not have the budget to buy fonts or make their own fonts. And sometimes they may not be sure that the Custom fonts that we use are suitable for use or not. Therefore, choosing a system font is an option that should not be overlooked. Because the fonts of the system are fonts that do not have a personality or identity that stands out in any way. allowing us to pick up and use You don’t have to worry about fonts misleading our Brand Identity, and this is the way many apps use it.

Developer has to put SF Thonburi font in the app
or not. SF Thonburi font is for making UI Mockup only, communicate with Developer that if you see SF Thonburi in Design Spec, set it as Default System Font in iOS device. That will already have SF Pro and Thonburi fonts.

Usage – License

is used for designing User Interface, making mockup of software that will be up on iOS, iPadOS, macOS or tvOS of Apple only , including used in screenshots or images that represent that software running on the product. Apple

SF Thonburi
SF Thonburi

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SF Thonburi : iOS, MacOS System Font

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