The visual features of TT Ramillas font are high contrast, small flare serif, variable slope of the oval, openness of markings, contrasting thin nodules and absence of drops. In addition, TT Ramillas has a characteristic flame-like element in the lowercase Cyrillic letter б and a bright “tongue” in the letters Ээ, flexible legs in Кк, Жж and Яя, as well as a very interesting terminal taste in the letter One.

TT Ramillas Font

It’s an antique font that has both optimal readability at a small size as well as an elegant aesthetic for on-screen use. At the start of this project, we wanted to try drawing a modern serif typeface with precisely verified shapes, high contrast, and detailed characterization.
TT Ramillas is perfect for use in magazines, in the fashion industry, in branding for high-end goods and services. TT Ramillas is quite flexible and suitable for use both in headers and text arrays. Additionally, we’ve implemented manual hinting in the typeface, and it can now be used unambiguously on the web and apps.
TT Ramillas typeface includes 28 styles: 7 bold and 7 italic respectively, 4 embellishments, 7 abbreviations and 3 variable fonts. Each typeface consists of 900 strokes (except for the decoration). TT Ramillas supports over 180 languages, including Cyrillic support and extended Latin support. When creating typography, we didn’t forget to add small caps, ligatures, old fashioned shapes, arrows, hands, cards and many other useful characters and OpenType features.

TT Ramillas Font

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This demo font is FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!
Here you can download the font in zip format but later you can extract it using winrar or any other software and use in your projects.
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